In the project "Vit följer vind" or "White Follows Wind," Christine Sjöberg and I aimed to evoke memories of various landscapes by engaging with and documenting places and areas with personal significance – including the Swedish inland, the Falun Copper Mine, and the Danish west coast. What ties these locations together is the recurring presence of artificial smoke, which, when exposed to varying levels of humidity, wind, and topography, interacts differently with each environment. At times, it seamlessly blends with the landscapes and their contours, while at others, it forms entirely new shapes within the scenery. This smoke symbolizes the lingering mental presence we maintain within specific spaces.

Throughout the series, our goal was to visually convey the nostalgic filter through which we viewed these childhood landscapes, transforming it into a painterly layer within the images. To achieve this, we incorporated archival images from the same locations, seamlessly combined with the photographs we captured. The series includes archival photographs sourced from the Dalarna Museum's archive in Falun (SE) as well as from the local historical archive in Thisted (DK).

Vit följer vind (White Follows Wind)