2017-2020 The MFA Program in Photography, Valand Academy University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

2011-2013 Program of International Culture Project Management Kulturverkstan, Gothenburg, Sweden

2009-2011 1 Year MA, The Histories of the Photographic Image: Image, Theory, Research. University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

2008-2011 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, School of Photography University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

2007 Fatamorgana – Photography School Copenhagen, Denmark

2005-2006 1st year of BA (Hons) in Photography Blackpool and the Fylde College, Lancaster University, Blackpool, England

2005 Art and Photography, Vraa Folk High School, Vraa, Denmark

Solo Exhibitions

2023 Studsmatta/Trampolines, The Secret Door Galleri Gothenburg, SE

2023 Polar Beares and all That Other Scary Shit out there, Galleri KC Gothenburg, SE

2022 Spökben, geggamoja och Havets alla bubblor, Torslandas bibliotek, Gothenburg, SE

2021 Frölundas Modiga Monster Ser Skogen Och Alla Träd, Frölunda Kulturhus Gothenburg, SE

2021 GL/DK project Futures Nordic Talents, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Copenhargen DK

2020 Hur Skulle Det Vara Då? BOKSKÅPET Barn-& Ungdombokhandel, Gothenburg, SE

2019 #Projektprata, Frölunda Kulturhus, Gothenburg, SE

2019 Wind and Mountains, Konsthal Nord, with Tina Umer Aalborg, DK

2019 White Follows Wind, The Secret Door, with Christine Sjöberg Gothenburg, SE

2018 New Nordic landscapes, Galleri Rotor2, Gothenburg, SE

2017 Bygga ny vy Frölunda Kulturhus Gothenburg, SE

2017 __________ Galleri Rotor2 Gothenburg, SE

2016 Vinden kan man ikke få se, Gallery Spacio, Ljungskile, SE

2015 100 fortællinger, Vendsyssel Historiske Museum, Hjørring, DK

2014 Vit följer vind / Hvid følger vind, Dalarnas Museum, SE

2013 Time in the Stream, Gothenburg Habour, GIBCA Extended. Gothenburg, SE

2013 White Follows Wind, Kirsten Kjær Museum, Thisted, DK

2011 10 Photographers, Galleri Monitor, Gothenburg, SE

Group Exhibitions

2024 Circulation(s) Paris, France

2023 byob fair, enter___enter a A Space for Books Amstardam, NL

2023 A ZINE IS A ZINE IS A ZINE, Take 10 Press , Galleri box, Gothenburg, SE

2023 Visage(s) d’Europe Le blanc suit le vent, Vincennes fr.

2023 Photo books by Futures Photography Tbilisi Photo Festival Georgia

2023 Folkstaden Allmänna Vägen 2B Gothenburg, SE


2022 Isbjørn, Til Vægs - Lundtoftegade Copenhagen DK

2022 Konst ambulanse Kronehuset Gbg

2022 Visage(s) d’Europe Le blanc suit le vent. CENTQUATRE-PARIS Paris, Fr

2022 Inexistent Books 5 at Aula46 Barcelona, SP

2021 PERCEIVING LANDSCAPE, International Association of Photography and Theory, KORAI Project Space, Nicosia, CY

2021 Isbjørn Self-published photobooks, Photobook Week Aarhus, Aarhus DK

2021 Isbjerg, Яeclaim Award, Cologne, Germany

2021 Isbjørn bibliotek 2x2 Väveriet i Uddebo

2021 FOR SURE, Verksmiðjan, Hjalteyri, Iceland

2021 INEXISTENT BOOKS 4 PrintRoom, Rotterdam, NL


2020 VOLUMES 2020 Art Publishing Days open call Kunsthalle Zürich, CH

2020 INEXISTENT BOOKS 2 at I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel CH

2020 INEXISTENT BOOKS 1 at CV Books, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, CH

2020 We’ve been sent a strange sign, Landskrona Foto Landskrona ,SE

2020 Ugot Distance, web-based grad show,

2020 Collapse of a Mass, Galleri Duerr, Stockholm, SE

2020 Tid för egna tankar, The Secret Door, Göteborg

2019 Don’t Pass Me By, Galleri Format, Malmö, SE

2019 The Great Elastic, WIP Konsthall, Stockholm, SE

2018 Rest Assured in Unknown Places, Galleri Format, Malmö, SE

2018 Out of the Book & into the Wild. Galleri Rotor2 Gothenburg, SE

2017 Göteborgs bildverkstad jubileum. Gothenburg, SE

2015 Handplockat, Galleri TYS, Copenhagen, DK

2014 Handplockat, Projektrummet, Oslo, NO

2014 Handplockat, Galleri Format, Malmö, SE

2013 Common Roof exhibition by Marjetica Potrc (photographic contribution),

Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg, SE

2012 New Nordic Photography, Härnösands Konstförening, Härnösand, SE

Book and publication

2023 Feed it to the others. Riso printet Zine 100 copys Two of two

2023 So we Shoot the worst dog. Riso printet Zine 100 copys on of two

2023 Peter Freuchens private servant on the 5 Thule-exp. Dummy book

2022 Spökben, geggamoja och havets alla bubblor 978-91-527-2906-9, 500 ex MaLa färlag Gothenburg, SE.

2021 HYBRIDS Futures group publication, Amsterdam NL

2021 GL/DK projekt vol 2 16 p. Self-published 1000 ex. Gothenburg, SE.

2021 GL/DK projekt vol 1 16 p. Self-published 1000 ex. Gothenburg, SE.

2021 Frölundas Modiga Monster Ser Skogen Och Alla Träd ISBN: 9789198240139 600 ex. Gothenburg, SE.

2020 Isbjörn Self-published 50 ex. ISBN-13: 978-3-907251-21-8, Gothenburg, SE

2020 Hur skulle det vara då Tre busiga berättelser av barn för barn,

ISBN: 978-9-198240-12-2 edition of 600 ex. Gothenburg, SE.

2019 American Sights, Edition Taube, edition of 300 ex, DE ISBN 978-3-945900-42-0

2017 Sold out - Looking at Looking at Landscapes, Materialsammlung, Riso 50 ex. Zurich Switzerland

2015 Ronja asked for my camera, when she saw the photographs.

Artist book in 3 copies. Gothenburg, SE

2015 Plutten Venner, Lykken og Ballade. ISBN: 9789198240191 edition of 300. DK.

2013 Handplockat- på utflykter i bildarkivet. ISBN: 9789197982221. Förlag 284, Gothenburg, SE.

2012 Ung Dansk Fotografi 2012/2013. Catalogue, Copenhagen, DK

2012 New Nordic Photography. Catalogue, Gothenburg, SE


2023 Hasselblad Foundation Photo Book Grants 2023

2023 Pronto Göteborgsstad kulturforvaltnign

2023 Two years, Arbetsstipendium Konstnärsnämnden

2022 Arbetsstipendium Västra Götaland regionen

2022 Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse

2022 Wilhelm & Martina Lundgrens Understödsfond

2021 Mobility funding Nordic Culture Point

2021 Arbetsstipendium Konstnärsnämnden

2019 OPSTART, Culture Contact Nord

2018 Adlerbertska

2017 Stiftelsen aaa

2016 Stiftelsen Karin och Ernst August Bångs Minne

2016 Kulturbryggan

2014 Nordic Culture Point (cooperation project)

2014 Danish Arts Council

2014 Helge Ax:on Johnsons Stiftelse

2013 Danish Arts Council

2013 The Swedish Art Grant Committee

2013 Otto och Charlotte Mannheimers Fond

2012 Letterstedtska Föreningen (cooperation project)


2013 Handplockat- på utflykter i bildarkivet, Svenska Fotobokspriset 2013

2012 The Victor Fellowship, Hasselblad Foundation


2022 Region Jämtland Härjedalen art collection, Sweden

2019 Private collection

Lars Dyrendom

(Thisted, Denmark, 1981). Based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Master degree in Photography (2020), Master in Visual Archives and Collections (2011), both at the University of Gothenburg.

In recent years I've exhibited nationally and internationally, including in Konsthall Nord in Denmark, Verksmiðjan á Hjalteyri in Iceland, Galleri Duerr in Sweden, and in 2019 published the book American Sights with Edition Taube in Germany.

My artistic exploration centers on photographic collections and archives, with a recurring theme exploring collective behaviors in relation to our surroundings and environment. I am interested in how we stage and interact with various spaces and objects, and give them emotional, political and ideological significance in and through photography.

The photographs in an archive or collection often have no beginning or end; instead, they exist in layers. Non-linearity enables navigation between these layers to reveal norms, structures, as well asemotional undercurrents and sudden affects. These layers intersect and intertwine, transforming the act of "seeing" and the very concept of perception into a complex framework. What unfolds when one immerses oneself in selected historical photographic materials—visually, emotionally, intellectually? This inquiry forms the core of my artistic work.

I approach my work in a project-oriented manner, often employing diverse visual expressions while the common thread is the type of material I typically engage with and my examination of it. Recent explorations have focused on the complex historical relations between Denmark and Greenland, marked by colonial legacies that persist to this day, yet are still often overlooked by the Danish narrative.