The book is a collaborative effort involving 250 children aged 5-7, the artist and illustrator Sven Drobnitza, and myself. We utilized photographs from the local historical archive in Hjørring, Denmark, which were projected onto the wall to display recognizable places to the children, despite being captured long before they were born.

During the process, I introduced the children to a character named Plutten, drawn by Sven, and engaged them in discussions about the potential adventures that could unfold in these projected sites. We brainstormed together, imagining what might happen if Plutten entered these scenes and embarked on an adventure.

In this way, the children collectively crafted a story, while Sven simultaneously illustrated their ideas directly onto the projected images. This collaborative approach allowed the children to actively participate in shaping the narrative and visual elements of the book.

Illustration: Sven Drobnitza
Design: Julia Brynielsson
Self published, 2015, ISBN 9789198240191, edition of 600

Plutten - Venner, Lykken og Ballade