The trampolines symbolise both an idyllic family life with children and the good socio-economic conditions that are built around the nuclear family, in the area on the edge of the big city, reachable within 20 minutes by bus from the city centre. At the same time, the trampolines bear witness to a social system that is not geared towards finding solutions but is based on social pressure and a fear of standing outside or not living up to these social codes. The trampolines become, at once, monuments to the idyllic family life and a depiction of the social pressure and the lack of solutions to the climate crisis, inflation, and the economic crisis, where social status is measured in consumption.

This photographic installation with film appears as a small labyrinth, where visitors constantly have the feeling of being able to walk into the images. The series consists of approximately 60 pictures and a film taken within an area of approximately 0.5 km² of the suburbs of a larger city.