This project is a book based on 3D View-Master pictures. The 3D View-Master, an updated version of the stereoscope, allowed individuals to view color images of places in three dimensions. The View-Master reels and their photographic images served as souvenirs of visited locations and a means to discover new sights.

Initially launched in the USA in 1939, over 1.5 billion View-Master reels were produced by 1980. The reels, especially those from the early production years, predominantly depicted American landscapes and sites. View-Master played a significant role in generating interest in visiting places by offering 3D and color images, particularly during a time when travel became more common.

The book sheds light on a white middle-class lifestyle of leisure, which remains prevalent today, and draws parallels to our sugar-coated social media lifestyles. It features a selection of images based on approximately 400 different 3D View-Master reels, each containing seven different scenes, all showcasing places in the United States of America.

Designer and Editor: Jan Steinbach Published by: Edition Taube, 2019 Softcover, 224 pages, thread sewn, dust jacket, edition of 300 26.3 × 22.1 cm, ISBN 978-3-945900-42-0

American Sights