This book explores the fascinating realms of space, Candyland, and beyond, inviting readers to ponder what life might be like in these fantastical places. Did you know that spiders can become quite upset if their underpants don't fit properly, given their eight legs and the limited space in a typical pair of underpants? How does one address such a dilemma? And what about a giant-scary-apple-butt-dinosaur that refuses to eat meatballs? What could it possibly want instead? And what should be done when a star falls from the sky and cannot return?

These are just a few of the intriguing questions addressed in this book! Through three captivating stories, children from Smörgatan's and Omvägen's preschools have imagined, photographed, and created representations that provide insight into the adventures of the Kråkan after consuming an enchanted berry, and the whimsical world of Trollis-Pollis as it experiences a day in reverse.

Within these pages lie three stories driven by imagination and storytelling, embodying the collaborative spirit of working and dreaming together, where every idea is celebrated for its creativity and wonder.

Collaboration with Maria Safronova Wahlström
Design: Julia Brynielsson, Milena Karlsson
Göteborg, 2020, ISBN 9789198240122, edition of 600

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