Vit följer vind/Hvid følger vind


Vit följer vind / Hvid følger vind - 2014 -(different sizes between 30x40 and 70x100 cm)
Collaborative project with Christine Sjöberg
In the project Hvid følger vind/Vit följer vind Christine and I wanted to explore the experience and remembrance off different kinds landscapes by means of interaction and documentation of places and areas with a personal connection – Swedish inland, the Falun Copper Mine and the Danish west coast. The various landscapes and environments in the series are connected by how artificial smoke repeats itself in the photographs. The smoke – affected by humidity, wind and the topography of the photographed locations – sometimes merges with the landscapes and their shapes and other times it creates shapes within the landscapes. In the series we wanted to make physical the nostalgic filter with which we watched these childhood landscapes, and turn it into a painterly layer in the images, and then bring this painterly yet physical layer into archive images from the same places. The series contain photographs from Dalarna Museum’s archive in Falun (SE) as well as from the local historical archive in Thisted (DK).