Handplockat – På utflykter i bildarkivet


Handplockat – på utflykter i bildarkivet - 2013 - (25,5 x 20,4 cm)
Handplockat - på utflykter i bildarkivet is a collaborative project with four initiators,
Fröydi Laszlo, Christine Sjöberg, Hendrik Zeitler and me – which also are the editors of the book. Parts of the material for the book was first shown in an exhibition at the
Göteborg Natural History Museum, and when taken further as a book project a number of artists and academics were invited to participate. The book was nominated to the Swedish Photo Book Award in 2013.
Excerpt from the book:
”The different approaches to photographic archive materials in the exhibition
‘Handpicked – on excursions in the visual archive’ show that the past and the present
interrelate two ways, and that it is possible to see photographic images as historical
information from a wide range of angles. When these images are collected in an
institutional archive they tell us not only about the ideas and roles carried by the
institution itself but also broader discursive formations in society. This visualizes
conventions and power structures that was, and still is, in force today. Nature, animals and geographical spaces and places are assigned identities and histories that we believe in and internalize by looking at photographic images. To the present day viewer the (historical) photographic archive serves as a prism to shed light on institutional practices, naturalized conventions, identity formations and subjective, private individual as well as collective stories.”