Hans Ø


Hans Ø - 2016 - (12 x 12 cm)
In the Kennedy Channel between Canada and Greenland an uninhabited island named Hans Ø is located. The island belongs to Greenland, but since 1973 it has been the reason for a territory conflict between Canada and Denmark. The conflict is unknown for the majority of the Danish population, and similar conflicts have been taking place during the last decades, most often driven by the possibility of finding natural resources or maintaining strategic military zones. I.e. even though Greenland is an autonomous and self-governing territory of Denmark, it is still controlled by colonial powers. The project Hans Ø deals with the tensions that are to be found between Denmark and Greenland, most often unarticulated in Danish media and politics. The 7 lithographs, made from rather unknown topographical mappings of Greenland from the 1980’s, showing the island of Hans Ø, become a graphical “illustration” of the continuous control exercised by Denmark in the Artic regions.